The University of Kentucky invites you to attend the Genuine, Original, approximately 20th, more-or-less annual International VM Workshop!

Time is running out!
Get your registration in today!
JUNE 25 - 29

Check-in Tuesday, June 25, 5:00 pm - 10:00 pm EDT, King Alumni House
Sessions Wednesday, June 26 through Saturday morning, June 29
Telephone: 606 257.2900


The VM Workshop provides an intense 3.5 day schedule of sessions for the VM system programmer. Since 1977 the VM Workshop has been the premier VM technical exchange in North America.

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  • Lodging
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    Registration is $285 and includes lunches and dinners on June 26 through June 28. Registration does not include lodging or breakfasts. We will be able to accommodate only a limited number of attendees this year, so get your reservation in early!


    Lexington, Kentucky is served by several airlines and Blue Grass Airport is about seven miles from the campus and hotels. The dorms and hotels are all about a mile from the conference site at the Student Center. We will provide transportation to and from the evening meals, but we will not be able to provide transportation to or from the sessions or airport. Conference parking will be available at the dorms and near the Student Center.


    Dormitory rooms will be available on campus for $32 a night for single occupancy or $36 for double. The dorms are rather spartan, but many consider staying in the dorms part of the complete Workshop experience. Contact Conference Housing at 606 257.3189 for reservations. You will pay at the dorm when you check in. (Conference Housing accepts checks and cash.) The dorms are about one mile from the Student Center meeting rooms. There are several hotels and motels near campus and you can make reservations with them if you desire:

       Kentucky Inn                     Campbell House Inn
       525 Waller Avenue                1375 Harrodsburg Road
       800.221.6652                     800.354.9235
       606 254.1177                     606 255.4281
       Radisson Plaza Hotel Lexington   Hyatt Regency Lexington
       369 West Vine Street             400 West Vine Street
       800.333.3333                     800.233.1234
       606 231.9000                     606 253.1234
    Special rates may be available if you tell them you are attending a conference at the University of Kentucky.


    We encourage every installation represented to make a presentation. The Workshop is informal and we can accommodate presentations of any length. If you have something interesting to talk about, but only need 15 or 30 minutes, that's fine. What's new at your installation? We'd like to hear about it. We need to know your audio-visual requirements in advance. We will be able to provide chalk boards, overhead projectors, slide projectors, VHS VCRs, and a terminal projector. Tentative abstracts of presentations and other information will be on the Workshop Web pages as they become available. Please send us your abstracts in advance (our program committee will thank you). We will provide terminals for demonstrations and several userids will be available for use during the Workshop. If you have software that you would like to demonstrate or make available during the workshop please contact us in advance.


    As always we will be producing a Tools Tape. Contributions to the Tools Tape are not required, but they are encouraged. Programs, mods, execs, documentation - anything you've done that might be of interest to someone else is welcome. In keeping with the spirit of open technical exchange, please include source code whenever possible.

    The Tools Tape will be available as a Virtual Tools Tape via the Web and FTP following the Workshop. We will be able to make one copy for each installation on 3480 cartridge if necessary, but we encourage you to use the network form if possible. We encourage you to send your contributions in advance, by tape cartridge (which can't be returned) or over the net, or you can bring them with you to the Workshop. Contact us by e-mail at about advance submissions via the net.

    The 1995 Tools are available now via FTP from Marist College.


    Velocity Software will again hold their free Performance Day on Tuesday. (More details are available.) Call Velocity at 415 964.8867 to register.


    We need your completed form and check for $285 (U.S. funds) to reserve your place at the Workshop. Print and fill out the PDF form or supply the information below (please print):

     1 9 9 6   V M    W O R K S H O P    R E G I S T R A T I O N
    City & State:
         Country:                            Mail Code:
     +-+                  +-+                                +-+
     | | Need Tools Tape  | | Don't list on Workshop roster  | | Vegetarian Meals
     +-+                  +-+                                +-+
    Make checks payable to the University of Kentucky. Send your form and check for $285 (U.S. funds) to:
      VM Workshop
      UK Computing Center
      128 McVey Hall
      Lexington, Ky 40506-0045

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