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October/November 1988
Volume 22, Issue 2


University of Kentucky Computing Center
128 McVey Hall, Lexington, KY 40506-0045

Good-Bye Cards

If you're still using cards as an offsite backup medium, this announcement is for you.

Due to the lack of demand for card-oriented equipment and the shortage of space for new equipment, all card readers, card punches, and keypunches will be removed from McVey Hall by January 1, 1989. Any cards kept for backup purposes should be copied onto magnetic tape, CMS or OS disk, or microcomputer diskettes before the first of the year.

Please contact a Consultant if you're unsure how this affects you. Any data or programs kept on cards could become unrecoverable if action is not taken soon.

Linemode Access to CMS is Gone

As previously announced, the CMS asynchronous linemode access was removed October 1, 1988.

For many users who were using the CMS lines a small change in procedure will suffice. If you use a real CRT terminal or a microcomputer with Kermit, Procomm, or Yterm (or are able to emulate a VT100 terminal with some other program), then replying UKnet to the REQUEST: prompt will take care of the problem, though you'll have to get used to a whole new perspective since you'll be using full screen access to CMS. Though you may be emulating a VT100, you'll be accessing the IBM systems through the 7171 protocol converter which makes your terminal look like a 3270 terminal to CMS. If your modem is 1200 bps or better, you'll like the difference. If your modem isless than 1200 bps, this system change gives you a good excuse to upgrade to a 2400 bps modem.

Those users with hardcopy terminals (DecWriters or AJs, for example) will have to do more, however. In this case, the easiest solution is to call one of the people listed at the end of this article. Your usage and needs will be reviewed and some method will be found for you.

If you're not sure if this change affects you, call the Consulting Room (7-2249) to find out. If you are affected, contact one of the following UKCC staff members: Bob Crovo (7-2258), Chris Corman (7- 2243), or Lavine Thrailkill (7-2257).

-- Bob Crovo

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