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July 1983

Volume 16, Issue 11

New Computing System Installed
J. Robert Heath
Installation of the new IBM 3083 computing system and flooring in the Computer Room has been completed, and the old IBM 370 has been removed from the Computing Center. All computing jobs formerly run on the IBM 370 are now being run on the 3083. Every effort was made to prevent disruptions in service to users. We hope no one was inconvenienced.

The same charging rates as were used on the 370 will be used on the 3083 until a new rate schedule can be determined. Computing Center personnel are monitoring the performance of the new computer and will used this information in setting new rates. Our goals are to (1) make the rates competitive with external computer service rates, and (2) set rates that will allow users to increase the net amount of computing they may do during the 1983-84 fiscal year as compared to the 1982-83 year. New charging rates will be announced in the next issue of the Kentucky Register.

Watch future issues of this newsletter for information on expanded computer services made possible by the new computer.

Double Issue of Newsletter Coming
Nanci Unger
The next issue of The Kentucky Register will be a double issue, for the months of August and September 1983. This double issue will be indexed as Volume 17, Number 1, and should be available around September 1. Because the August newsletter is normally the final issue in a volume, there will be no Number 12 in Volume 16.

The issue will contain statistics for the month of July. Thereafter, statistics which are published in the Register will appear two months after they have been collected. For example, statistics for the month of August will appear in the October issue.

These changes will allow us to distribute the newsletter at the beginning, rather than at the end, of each month. This will make the Register more timely and, we hope, more helpful to our readers.


New Computing System Installed
Double Issue of Newsletter Coming
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