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   February 1973                                           Vol.6, Issue 5
                                          Mailing List . . . . . . . .  1
                                          Refund Guidelines  . . . . .  1
                                          Functions DREAL and DIMAG. .  2
                                          Data Processing Supplies . .  5
                                          Suggestion Box . . . . . . .  4
                                          FORTRAN Course . . . . . . .  4
                                          Project Numbers  . . . . . .  4
                                          User Area Relocated  . . . .  5
                                          Limiting Execution Time. . .  6
                                          Job Statistics . . . . . . .  7
                               SUGGESTION BOX
       The  Computing Center has installed a Suggestion Box near the Data
   Center.  It is intended to give users a chance to comment on Computing
   Center  services  and  procedures.   The  Center is interested in both
   positive and negative feedback and we hope users will  take  advantage
   of this opportunity to evaluate and improve computing services.
       The  most  pertinent  comments  will appear in the newsletter each
   month.  If you wish to receive a personal reply, include your name and
   address.   Anonymous  suggestions  and their replies will be posted on
   the bulletin board adjacent to the suggestion box.
                              PROJECT NUMBERS
       The  project  number  assigned  to  each  project  is more than an
   authorization to use the computing facilities.  The  Computing  Center
   utilizes this number to record computer usage and to classify data for
       The  general  form of the project number is XXXX-XXXXX.  The first
   four digits specify the department number code as assigned  under  the
   Project Numbering System Department Codes.  The fifth digit identifies
   the type of use and the status of the user.
       1  Instruction
       3  Administrative
       4  Graduate Student Research
       5  On-Campus Faculty Research
       6  Off-Campus Faculty Research
       7  Undergraduate Student Research
       8  External Users
   The  sixth digit identifies the type of funding and therefore the rate
   of charge.
       0  Computing dollars at the internal rate
       1  Real dollars at the internal rate
       2  Real dollars at the external rate
       5  Special funding in the College of Agriculture
       9  Deferred computing dollars at the internal rate
   The  third  through  the  fifth  digits allow the project number to be
       The  user  should therefore be able to recognize the importance of
   obtaining  separate  project  numbers  for  each  individual  project.
   First,  it  is particularly helpful in maintaining accurate records of
   computer usage  and  second,  this  policy  facilitates  adequate  and
   effective distribution of computing funds.
       For more information on project accounting, contact Janet Hyatt at
                            USER AREA RELOCATED
       If the ground floor of McVey Hall seems to be lacking its previous
   activity (and noise), that's because the user area and the  Consulting
   Room  have  been  moved  to  the  first  floor.   The Computing Center
   acquired additional space on the first floor which provides users with
   almost twice the area previously available.
       The  Consulting  Room  (previously room 76) is now in room 110 and
   the user area (previously rooms 65 and 67) is  located  in  room  111.
   This  should  be  a  very convenient arrangement since these rooms are
   located upstairs above the Data Center.
       The  user  keypunches  and 2741 terminals are located in room 111.
   Several work tables have also been provided  in  the  new  user  area;
   however,  the  cubicles  in the ground floor hall and rooms 64A and 66
   are still available to users.
       This  relocation  also involves many of the Computing Center staff
   members; the service directory  in  this  issue  includes  new  office

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