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APRIL 1964       VOL I, ISSUE 1

Photo of IBM 7040 computer system
IBM 7040 System Available in July (see page 2)


This is the first issue of what will be a quarterly publication to acquaint the University community with the services available to them at the Computing Center. It will contain information about new personnel, new equipment and new data processing techniques, as well as summaries of the projects initiated at the Center

Computing Centers play an important role in education and research. They serve as catalysts which stimulate other activities on the campus. The educator and the scientist find the computer a tool different from anything they have ever known.

The University of Kentucky Computing Center is at the threshold of a new era. The continued support from the University administration and the able guidance of the Advisory Committee has resulted in a unit which is built around the idea of service to all students and faculty as well as to the University administration.


The arrival of an IBM 7040 System in the middle of July will place our Center in the upper bracket among University centers. In addition to the 7040, the University will retain the small IBM 1620 and the medium class IBM 1410 which are now in the basement of McVey Hall.

The new system includes an IBM 1401 to prepare the input data and to print the results produced by the 7040. This will give the University the availability off our computers, each doing the work for which they are best suited. For example:

The 1410 will be used half time to process administrative data such as payroll, accounting, registration procedures, faculty load statistics, etc. The rest of the time it will be used in data processing research and education.

The 7040-1401 System will be used for high speed computations associated with research in physics, chemistry, mathematics, statistics, biometrics, and many other fields. While its power will be available to students and faculty, it will be operated by skilled computer operators only. Students and faculty who want to learn to operate a computer may use the IBM 1620.


In computer jargon a "closed-shop" is a computer laboratory in which the users are not involved with operating the equipment. They submit their data to the Center and get the results several hours later.

The Computing Center is now developing "closed-shop" operating procedures to improve the service to its users.

During the month of January 1964, when the IBM 1410 was used an average of 15 hours per day, 56 percent of all jobs were returned to the user in less than 12 hours. The average turn-around time for all jobs was 17 hours.

Although the Center cannot supply service "while you wait", it is doing very well with "one day service at no extra charge".


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Dr. Navarro Gives Lecture

A lecture on the use and capabilities of computing equipment was given by Dr. Navarro, Computing Center Director, to the research staff of the National Institute of Mental Health Addiction Research Center in Lexington on March 4. The lecture was attended by sociologists, psychologists, chemists, psychiatrists, and other medical scientists.

Solomon Attends SHARE Meeting

Martin Solomon, Manager of Operations at the Center, attended a meeting of computer users in San Francisco from March 1-6. Mr. Solomon participated in the standard planning group on Cobol, aided in setting up standardized programming languages, and attended various meetings concerning the IBM 7040 computer system.

Hahn Visits Other Centers

Forrest Hahn, Manager of Data Processing at the Center, was a member of a group that visited the computing centers of the University of Indiana, Purdue, and the University of Michigan. This group was sent to analyze and learn the method of accounting regulation and control. The University of Kentucky Computing Center plans to automate the accounting system in July and the centers visited use this automated system.

Center Receives New Testament on Punched Cards

The complete "Modern Version" of the New Testament is now available in punched card form to anyone interested. The Testament has also been placed on magnetic tape and may be used for linguistic and other studies.


Dr. Silvio O. Navarro

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