SyncSort BetterGener
                                                                  March 25, 1980
                                                                      Dave Elbon
          With SyncSort 3.5  a more efficient version of  IEBGENER is available.
          This BetterGener  will replace the  standard IEBGENER for  many simple
          copy  tasks.    BetterGener has  shown  as  much  as  a three  to  one
          improvement in both EXCPs and CPU time over IEBGENER.
          BetterGener is supplied as a module called WCSGENER.  When WCSGENER is
          executed it determines wether the job can be handled by SyncSort.   It
          then transfers  control to either  SyncSort or the  standard IEBGENER.
          In this  way it  is nearly transparent  to users  and very  little JCL
          modification is needed to use the  more efficient copy.   For example,
          the following JCL would be used to copy a cataloged disk dataset:
               //SAMPLE   JOB  1234-56789,'A. USER'
               //STEP1    EXEC PGM=WCSGENER
               //SYSPRINT DD  SYSOUT=A
               //SYSUT1   DD  DSN=input-file,DISP=SHR
               //SYSUT2   DD  DSN=output-file,UNIT=RENTAL,
               //             DCB=input-file,SPACE=(CYL,(1,1)),
               //             DISP=(,CATLG)
               //SYSIN    DD  DUMMY
          BetterGener will cause two changes that users will notice:
             · If the WCSGENER task is handled by SyncSort,  the $ORTPARM DD may
               be included to provide parameters  to SyncSort.   If this feature
               is required  it would be  advisable to execute  SyncSort directly
               because $ORTPARM would be ignored if the old IEBGENER handles the
             · If errors are  encountered during a copy messages  will be issued
               by SyncSort.  These messages will be prefixed "WER".
          BetterGener will  transfer control to the  old IEBGENER if any  of the
          following conditions exist:
             · Unit record input or output
             · Concatenated input files
             · SYSIN is not DUMMY
             · Non-standard labeled input or output (NSL, AL, AUL, SUL)
             · RECFM=U for input or output
             · RECFM=FBS for input
             · Track overflow
             · Output to a PDS member
             · DCB information (LRECL, RECFM,  BLKSIZE)  from the DD statements,
               DSCB, or tape labels is incomplete or inconsistent
             · Less than 64K of memory available
             · EXEC PARMs present